Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It is next to impossible to walk the boards in Ocean City Maryland with out smelling the amazingly delicious smells coming from Fisher's Popcorn.  The store is right at the corner of Talbot and the board walk.  This is the same place they have been since 1937.

For more information, please click here FISHER'S POPCORN

As I am writing about this Ocean City landmark, I am finishing off the last of the caramel popcorn that I picked up from their store on Christmas Eve.

The funny thing is that I don't normally eat popcorn.  Even when I go to the movies I don't buy it.  There is something special about Fisher's popcorn that I love and can't resist.

They have 4 different kinds of popcorn: Caramel, Caramel with peanuts. White Cheddar, and Buttered.  I am torn between the Caramel and the White Cheddar as being my favorite.

They are open on the weekends all winter long so you can always get your popcorn fix right at the store or visit the web site and they will ship anywhere in the US.  I order a holiday tin of Caramel popcorn for my grandparents every year for Christmas.  They do have tins for birthdays, valentine's day, just to say thank you and summer scenes.  If you don't need a tin you can get your popcorn in a regular plastic tub like I pictured above.  

I will tell you that I am amazed how long it stays fresh tasting in the tubs or tins.  I opened this tub on Christmas day and just finished it this morning and it was just as fresh as when I first opened it.

So now that you have that craving for popcorn, jump in your car and come visit their store or visit their web site Fisher's Popcorn and start enjoying the worlds best popcorn.

~Just Me

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