Monday, January 2, 2012


So the kids talked me into taking a trip to the mall ... "THE CENTRE at SALISBURY" today so that they could spend their Christmas money.  This was only our second time here and I have to say it is a very nice place to shop.  To learn more please click here - The Centre at Salisbury

The one thing that I am really loving is all the great shopping there is around here.  Coming from Schuylkill County Pennsylvania were there was almost no shopping at all, I am a bit overwhelmed but loving it just the same.

Our first stop, since it was lunch time when we arrived, was the food court.  I love food courts!  With 4 kids that each have very different tastes, the food court is always a good choice since everyone gets what they want.

There are plenty of tables and chairs.  Most tables are set up for a party of 4 but there are several set up for 6 and 8 people.  Today we ate from Shoyu Japan, McDonalds and Subway. For dessert we visited Mrs. Fields for chocolate chip cookies, frozen yogurt and pretzel bites.

After we were done eating the boys wanted to play and jumped onto the mini carousel in the food court.

Only 3 little horses but they do go up and down.  The thing that shocked me was the ride only lasted maybe 90 seconds but cost $1.00!  I remember riding these outside of the grocery store when I was a kid and never put more then a quarter in and that ride seemed to go on forever. the way, I know this picutre is sideways, but for the life of me I can't figure how to turn it around.  It is the right way on my computer.  Anyone know the trick??

We walked the entire mall, which for me with my back pain was a feat.  One thing I have issue with is their lack of benches.  I found only two in the entire mall.  Is it just me or did malls use to have benches every so many stores way back when? 

The kids had a blast visiting all the "cool clothing stores", and the boys were amazed with the mall directory ..

We did a lot of window shopping at Aeropostale, Hollister Co., Spencer's (which I found out quickly is NOT little kid friendly!) and their favorite store, GameStop.  This last store is where we made our only purchase.

My review, The Centre at Salisbury is a great place to shop.  MANY different stores to suit everyone in the family.  The even have a cobler!  A real cobler.  We will be coming back as I really liked how clean, bright and friendly this mall was! Just wish they would get a few dozen more benches :)

~Just Me.

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  1. My daughter's father's family is from the eastern shore of VA. I've passed through Salisbury many years ago. I'm sure it's changed since then. Glad to hear you are liking it down there. I'll have to come down when the weather gets warms.