Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Dead Tradition

I know that I am not the only kid that couldn't wait for warm summer nights where you would climb into your jammies and then jump into the family car and head off to the drive inn movie theater.  This summer event was a big part of my younger years.

When I started having kids it turned into the perfect way for us to go to the movies as a family.  The little ones could move around and eventually fall asleep while my husband and I could cuddle up on a blanket.  The price couldn't be better either.  Two movies for one price.

Going to the drive in movies has been a tradition in my life for as long as I can remember but now I fear it has come to an end.

I was shocked to learn upon moving to the Eastern Shore that there are no longer any operating drive in movie theaters.  According to There were at one time 9 theaters on the Eastern Shore.  Sadly they are all closed now.

The other day while driving on Rt 50 East I came across the sad remains of one.

According to this was the location of  "Shore Drive-In".  This theater had room for 500 cars and was in operation from 1954 to 1976.  It was located just 3 miles outside of Ocean City.

As you can see, the land is for sale.  I wish that someone like me who loves the romance behind the drive in theater will buy this land and bring the theater back.  I know it is a long shot.  More likely then not a large shopping plaza or a housing complex will be built there and that makes me sad.  All the young people who will not be able to experience the magic of a warm summers night under the stars watching the latest movie. Or the young couple cuddling up in the front seat of the car.

I will miss this tradition in my life and can only hope that some day the drive inn movies will come back to the Eastern Shore.

I would love to hear about your memories of the drive in theater and if you would like to see if there is a drive in theater near you, has a listing by zip code or by state.

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  1. I remember when I was going to school there was a drive by WHFS to save Benji's or some drive in up the road from where I was living. We went once and it was fun - it was more of an all night marathon and quite the party. But I just don't see doing that anymore. Part, of course, is that if you feel watching a movie in your own car is appealing you probably would even more so want to watch it in your own house.. On Demand, Netflix, Amazon Instant, iTunes and so on...

    Yeah, it misses the appeal of a pajama adventure (well, unless Mom or Dad set up a tent or something in the family room) but I guess there are just too many more appealing options today.

    But seeing those old drive-ins (there was one down RT 13, in VA I think) are kind of sad.. Like a ghost town. But also kind of neat in that they give you a sense of time and maybe a greater appreciation of the present. :)